An incredibly green island

My visit to Kythira island was a pleasant one. With a Greek heritage, I already was familiar with some parts of Greece, but not the island, nor island life. I was firstly surprised at how incredibly green the island actually is. Though you do find that pleasant olive tree and rocky mountainous landscape the world associates with Greece, Kithira also offers a vast array of trees and other flora that give the island a greener feel than you would find in other areas or islands. The locals are pleasant and friendly, there are stores, restaurants and enough ‘gyro’ places to offer a real Greek feel, without overwhelming you with tourist life. If you are looking for the island to go to for lovely beaches, food and quiet- this is it. Tourism, though strong, is not overwhelming as it would be on other islands- and even in August, you have the capacity to find a secluded beach spot for yourself only. There are numerous villages and towns to visit, ruins an other archeological sites to explore, a waterfall, and of course the beautiful beaches or port side coffee houses to relax in. Having also had an emergency medical crisis, I also can attest to the medical care on the island. I rushed to the hospital one saturday morning and was seen within an hour by a specialist, x-rayed immediately and medicated on the spot, given a prescription and sent home with crutches a couple hours later. Reassuring service from doctors, most of whom spoke English. Enjoy Kithira!

written by:
Jessica Hoffman
26.10.17 Category: Stories

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